The Grazing Calculator app for Android and iOS phones provides a quick and easy way for dairy & beef farmers to calculate a number of common grazing related equations.


Grazing Calculator is the brainchild of a dairy farmer, who wanted a fast and easy way for him and his workers to be able to do grazing related calculations. This app was designed and developed in collaboration with his sister, with input from other farmers and farm advisors.  

Designed to be used out on the farm and on the go, this app makes it quick, easy and simple for anyone working on a farm - regardless of their level of experience and knowledge - to get the numbers they need, when they need them.


  • Number of days in a paddock based on cows, paddock size and kgDM/lbDM or m2/yd2 allocation. Result can be used to calculate break fence location. Read more →
  • kgDM/Cow/Day or lbDM/Cow/Day based on paddock size, cover, residual, cows and days. Result can be used to calculate break fence location. Read more →
  • Crop allocation and number of days cows can be left in a paddock based on yield, cows and kgDM/Cow/Day or lbDM/Cow/Day and area. Result can then be used to calculate break fence location. Read more →
  • Target pre-grazing cover or paddock trigger level based on stocking rate, intake, round length/rotation and the optimum residual. Read more →
  • Average pasture cover based on pre-grazing cover and optimum residual. Read more →

Other Features

  • Share the result of the calculation:
    • send in an email
    • send as an SMS
    • copy to the clipboard
  • Options for the shared content:
    • send answer only, or send the answer and variables
    •  include or don't include units 
    • always edit before sending, never edit or choose each time whether edit or not
  • Add a note after completing the calculation e.g. paddock or mob name/number. This note will be included in the share content.