Robert and Louise Hathaway on Robert's Farm in Reporoa, New Zealand

The Grazing Calculator app was the brainchild of New Zealand dairy farmer Robert Hathaway, who recognised the need for a simple app that allows him to do quick grazing calculations. Farming is getting a lot more technical and keeping up with innovations and advances is now essential to good farming practice.  ‘I used to use my eye a lot more but I wanted to be able to play with numbers and run various scenarios, this app does that. From there, I can decide whether I need to add further supplements.’

The app was made by Robert’s sister Louise Hathaway, a freelance web and app designer who used her expertise to develop the app. ‘We ran it by several other dairy farmers and farm consultants and got a very positive response. They instantly saw how it makes the farmers’ job so much easier.  Much of that comes from the simplistic design, its not fussy and its designed to be used in the paddock. If you can use a calculator, you can use our app.’

The logo based on artwork by their Mum, artist Lyn Hathaway.

The Dairy Farm Grazing Calculator app can be purchased on iTunes for Apple and Google Play for Andriod phones.

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